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Knowledge Vision Pte Ltd is a leading training provider that aims at delivering high quality training courses for adult learners. We also organize various Soft-skill Courses, Corporate Team Building and other Bespoke Courses which aim to provide adult learners with the market relevance quality courses that increase their employability as well as personal development. Besides this, we also provide web solutions consulting services i.e. Web Design, Hosting, Domain Registration & SEO, etc.

OUR Core Values (SMART)

Striving for excellence in customer services

Making training easier and accessible

Agile in collaborating with clients and partners

Responsible and accountable for what we do

Trustworthy in forging a long term partnership



Knowledge Vision is being one of the most trustworthy Corporate Training providers in Singapore. We recognize that Corporate Training is very important for a business in Singapore for many reasons. First of all it helps reduce any weak links within the company - as most employees have their weaknesses, by training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve, it will bring all employees to a higher level, so they have similar skills. Improving employees' knowledge and understanding of the industry can also boost their confidence, and increase their performance even better and think of new ideas that help them excel. The next very important fact for corporate training is that an employee with access to training programs has the advantage over employees from other companies, who don't have the possibility and are left to find training opportunities on their own. The research shows that 25% of all employees leave their jobs mainly due to lack of training and learning opportunities. Knowledge Vision’s corporate training consultants & trainers had worked in corporate sector for many years. They are all seasoned training professionals with relevant industry knowledge and able to deliver quality Corporate Training Programmes for our corporate’s clients so as to achieve their corporate’s objectives. 






To be the premier training and consulting firm dedicated to maximizing individual potential in achieving their learning goals.





Our Mission


 To promote superior market relevance training courses

 To promote lifelong learning for everyone

 To help individual finding the right course at the right

 To reach out most of the organizations across various
industries and be their preferred training partners.

 To continuously source and develop superior course content based on ever-changing market demand in the real business world.

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