Course Duration

1 day (09.00am - 06.00pm)


This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to quickly and effectively use PivotTable to analyse a large volume of data.

Participants must understand and follow the rules to manage the underlying data for a PivotTable. They will be taught how to insert, populate and modify the layout of the PivotTable. Participants will be taught how to sort and filter the PivotTable, perform calculations and group

Participants will be taught to create PivotChart so as to present the summarised data in graphical format and also creating interactive Dashboard using PivotTable and Slicer.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to use Excel® to transform transactional data into summary reports.

Outline (Morning)

- Introduction

- Understanding Data Analysis

- Introducing PivotTable

- Learning  PivotTable’s benefits

- Exploring PivotTable’s features

- Introducing PivotChart

- Managing Underlying Data

- Creating PivotTable

- Modifying and refreshing the PivotTable

- Use of summary functions

- Showing data as a percentage of the total by using a custom calculation

- Creating calculated field

- Creating two-dimensional PivotTable

- Moving Row & Column items

- Turning PivotTable Field List On And Off

- Customizing PivotTable Field List

- Selecting PivotTable Items

- Formatting PivotTable Cells

- Filtering, sorting data in a PivotTable

- Data Grouping

- Automatically Group Data To View A Monthly / Quarterly Summary

- Comparing values in PivotTable to show Quarter-Over-Quarter Percentage Change

- Creating PivotTable using Microsoft® Query

- Deleting PivotTable

Outline (Afternoon)

- Creating PivotChart

- Moving PivotChart to another worksheet

- Filtering PivotChart

- Changing PivotChart type

- Sorting PivotChart

- Improving PivotChart presentation (Formatting)

- Printing PivotTable and PivotChart

- Publishing PivotTable Data to a web page

- Creating interactive Dashboard using PivotTable and Slicer

- Linking PivotTable to External Data Source

- PivotTable Options

- Q&A

Who Should Attend?

Participants should ideally have some working knowledge of Excel® skills at Intermediate Level and wish to learn about PivotTable and PivotChart.

Do I need to bring laptop?

Yes. you will need to bring a laptop with the correct software pre-loaded. If your laptop does not have MS Office installed you can go to the Microsoft website and download a free trial copy.

What version of the software do I need?

We will conduct training with version 2010, but you can manage with 2007/2013 as we'll look after you and point out the differences.

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