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Course Duration

1 Day (09.00am - 05.00pm)

Why Attend This Workshop?

Project management is a highly demanding and complex task that requires organizational
skills, the ability to respond to the unexpected, and the ability to monitor progress and change course as needed. Even when you have been given a project with very explicit responsibilities and expectations, it is essential to make sure that you are preparing to solve the right problem, or to meet the underlying need. The expectations can be clear, but still not go to the heart
of the issue. In order to progress and climb the corporate ladder, running success projects will add value to your organization. In fact is a must have surviving tool and skill set in concrete jungle. Project management can be your key to building confidence, which can keep you in the bosses’ radars. Can you afford not to master this important skill set. You never know when you will be assigned projects or when the boss asks for a volunteer to be the project leader. Your boss will definitely take notice of you  if you volunteer to  run the project without hesitations.  He will be even more impressed if you run it and complete project successfully. When people hear good things about how well you carry out the task as project leader, they are more likely to count on you for future projects.  Some of the projects run is of such high importance that it will affect the day to day operation as well impacting the success and bottom line of an organization. The impact is of such high significant to the success of an organization that key decision maker or business owner cannot afford not to have good project managers who are well trained in the core team.

Project Management training benefits everyone involved. Whether you are in the project management office or in the operation department, you would be a valuable asset to your organization.  You will gain more job satisfaction, take personal responsibility for project given, and have pride in knowing that you will able to deliver and complete the task with 100% confidence. Your project team member will become more focused and seek out ways to continually improve as a team. Your business will experience increased efficiency and

In this one-day workshop, whether you are new to this role or a seasoned professional, you will walk away with new ideas or approaches that exceed your expectations. However, the pathway through the model is flexible, allowing individuals to design a program to suit their individual needs.

Learning Objectives

When participants complete this course they
will be able to:

- Write a project workplan

- Generate a work breakdown structure

- Develop a network diagram and schedule

- Track and manage the project

- Close-out and conduct post project reviews to ensure continuous learning

Target Audience

This course provides you with the tools to make the difference to your organization. With the project management skill set that you learned, you will confident to tackle any assigned project with gusto because the knowledge that you gained is portable and applicable to any projects. It is suitable to all level of staff from supervisors, team leaders and managers. Also suitable for any department heads who will be the key driving force in helping their subordinates in carrying out the role of project leader.There are no prerequisites to this course.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Project Management

2. Initiate & Define

3. Plan

4. Implement & Control

5. Close

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